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Pride Weddings

Presided over by Sister Festivus Illuminata, the Vancouver PRIDE Society has hosted three consecutive marriage celebrations on the Vancouver PRIDE Mainstage for the LGBTQ2+ community.


Seeing happy people in love can mean the world to questioning youth and let them know that there is a wonderful future waiting for them if they allow themselves to be themselves an embrace who they truly are! With love and respect,


Together we have made PRIDE a truly remarkable and something every special that we will long remember.

Share this moment with us.Visit our video of PRIDE Wedding 2017.

While you are there - please become a friend of Sister Festivus!

Looking Back to Pride Wedding 2016

This 38th annual PRIDE celebration marked a very special event in the history of Vancouver Pride with the inclusion of a legal marriage ceremony on the main stage before thousands of joyous spectators.


"Same-sex couples hoping to get married or wanting to renew their vows can do so this year in a very public way at a marriage ceremony to be held on the main stage at the Vancouver Pride Festival held at Sunset Beach on July 31.

Sister Festivus Illuminata of the Vancouver Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, an ordained minister, is sanctioned to perform and solemnize marriages in B.C., Alberta, Ontario, and Quebec, will officiate the ceremony
. Sister Fetivus is already receiving emails asking if such an event will take place again next year during Vancouver PRIDE. We'll keep you updated."  The Georgia Straight

“It's with the intention to bring Canadian’s attention to just how lucky we are to be living in a country where the civil marriage act of 2005 provides under the Canadian constitution a gender-neutral marriage definition,” Sister Festivus told Daily Hive. “We want to be reminded how lucky we are because many people don’t have that.”

The couples she’ll be marrying are across all parts of the LGBTQ community – gay, lesbian, and trans – and she says there’s still room for up to five more couples to join them on stage. -- Lauren Sundstorm - Dailyhive

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