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Sr. Festivus/Guest Vocalist & Event Celebrity Host

A strong advocate for many charities, Sister Festivus Illuminata lends her talents as a special event vocalist and/or celebrity host. Festivus regularly gives her time to help raise funds for many deserving causes for the LGBTQ2+ community and beyond.

With many years experience, Festivus has amazed audiences as a professional vocalist, Festivus is now a notable regular among the many of Vancouver's best entertainers and fast becoming one of the cities most loved performers.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence present our message of joy and acceptance to the greater community as something that deals with the natural aspirations of the human heart and spirit. We all know that words are so important. We have all heard it said that there is power in the spoken word. Each of us has experienced the fact that words can hurt and words can heal."

Sister Festivus has come to believe that Sisters must be wordsmiths. "To use words to ravish people with the beautiful reality that everyone is unique and special and that no prior hurtful, unkind, insensitive words, events or any particular individual should take anyone's power and ultimately make them feel any less vital than any other human being."

Her charm and approachable nature has afforded Sister Festivus the honour of being a highly sought-out performer. With an uncanny ability to break down walls and to draw her audience in.


A performance by Sister Festivus always speaks to the heart ... because it comes from the heart.


Serving All


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